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Eddie Boot | About Me
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About Me

Personal History

My name is Edward Timothy Boot, or more commonly know as Eddie Boot. I’m a guy in my 20’s, born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania in a small town east of Pittsburgh. Most of my family grew up in this area except for my mom’s side of the family which is from New Jersey. You can call me a true “renaissance’s man”. I’m into literally everything and anything. I work from home, I build computers, play video games, work on my car, write and produce music (as well as play many musical instruments), I’m a black belt in Shotokan karate, I’m into exercising and  body building, I cook (or at least learning too lately) and I have a handful of other talents that come handy from time to time! The purpose of this website is to break into some of my other hobbies/talents out there outside of websites, although I will talk about that a bit later on!

I have a close group of family and friends and an awesome half Siberian Husky, half Black Lab dog named Rocky, he’s like my brother! I have my mom and dad, a sister with two awesome kids that are my nieces, and (literally) a dozen step brothers /step sisters I can’t keep track of who share my last name. Of everyone in my family, I consider myself the one that tries to keep ties with everyone in the family (although it’s really hard because there so many of them). Beyond family, I’m an extremely “scientific” person. When it comes to anything in life, I critically analyze it and try to figure things out the hard way. Overall I consider myself an awesome person to be around (except when I’m playing Halo Reach on the Xbox and people steal my sniper rifle).


My job, I am a web developer and computer programmer. I’ve been in the business since I was only 15. All those cool phone apps that exist today, as well as dynamic websites like Facebook? It’s people like me that bring things like that to life, spending sometimes 8-1o hours behind a computer screen coding! Ever since I was a kid, I was really into websites and how they worked. Over the years I’ve learned to program things like video games and computer applications (I even know a bit of hacking :p). I work for people all of the world including Sean Kanan from The Karate Kid Part III and The Bold and the Beautiful as well as many other big contacts. I’ve also developed some huge websites and web applications for Specialized Bikes, Kenwood USA, and other companies in the world. Some links to my professional contacts and samples of my work are listed below.

Education, I’m shifting from one college to the next. I went to Westmoreland County Community College from 2008 to 2011 and loved it. I had a 3.7 GPA and made the deans list twice. Before graduating with an AAS in programming and database, I transferred to Seton Hill University for a BS in Computer Science. Due to an enormous dislike for certain instructors, the campus, and the way the college was run, I left. I plan on returning to college in 2013 at Penn State. In regards to education though, I have years of experience and plenty of schooling under my belt. I am confident in my abilities and my work stands for it. In grade school, I was a bit of a slacker. I hardly took school serious and most of my high school life I was learning to code awesome websites.

That’s about it for my history. As for this website, well, it’s labeled everywhere! I want to make this site the focal point of my musical pursuits as well as have a nice blog to post stories and funny stuff on. Apart from my professional world on the internet, I spend alot of time (probably too much time) with the silly side of the internet. I like to photoshop stupid pictures, participate in “internet pranks”, and overall waste time on the web just zoning out. I found myself wasting time on alot of sites like Funny Junk and Reddit. Nothing against them, but if I have some cool things to talk about and share, why not do it on my own website?

Other Hobbies and Interest

Outside of everything else I listed, I have many other hobbies and interest. One is Astronomy. Most people don’t know but I’m actually a hobbyist astronomer. I own an Orion XT8 Intelliscope. I have several filters, lenses, and even a green laser site that can be seen as far as one mile into the sky for finding objects.

I love science, technology, and anything space related. There’s nothing I love more than taking my telescope out and finding interesting things in the sky. Soon I would like to dedicate a page to everything I find, and maybe even invest in a decent camera to take photos of objects I find with.


Sadly, in the past year, I’ve let this hobby slip. But soon I plan on jumping back on board, writing reports and other cool things on this website about my findings. I’ve found galaxies, nebula’s, and all eight planets in the solar system. If you ask me something astronomy related, I probably have the answer for you! But on this site I would like to seep into my scientific side a bit. I keep up with space news and what’s going on in the word of space exploration. Recently one of the more exciting things that went on was the Mars Science Laboratory. A two-ton space rover the side of a car that landed on the surface of Mars and is conducting science experiments as we speak. What is cooler than that?


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