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AMD 1045t Overclocking Guide
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AMD 1045t Overclock Guide

Earlier this year, I built my first custom comp and over the summer, I’ve been buying things and upgrade it here and then to get the most potential out of my system. My computer has an AMD 1045t six-core CPU. I’m a huge fan and supporter of AMD even though they’re said not to have the performance of the latest Intel chips. Beyond that, when you overclock and buy the right hardware, you can push your system to the max without having to drop $300+ on something similar in the Intel department.


CPU-Z clocked at @3.8Ghz

It was a tough feat, but I got this processor to run stable in Prime 95 for an hour as well as gamed on it in Borderlands 2 for four hours straight with absolutely no problems (and yes, there was noticeable improvement in performance/framerate). I may or may not push the CPU to the max some more, but at 4Ghz, I had some stability issues (and I have a Gigabyte motherboard which was difficult t0 overclock correctly on).

Anyway, here’s a quick guide to get any readers here that have a 1045t chip to an awesome 3.8Ghz. I’m assuming you know the basics already about where to start and you are just looking for the settings/numbers, so here you go!


Guide to Overclock the AMD 1045t CPU

  1. It’s basic, but ensure you have a powerful enough power supply to overclock this CPU, I am running a Thermaltake 600w power supply that is powering everything from 120mm fans to my graphics card. I recommend at least 600w to anyone for no power-related problems down the road.
  2. Upgrade your heat sink, the stock 1045t heat sink that is bundled with the CPU is horrible. I bought a Coolermaster 212 EVO. It keeps my temperatures on max load under 70c.
  3. Go into your BIOS. Make sure that your CPU is set to UNLOCKED and AMD Cool n Quiet technology is DISABLED.
  4. Unfortunately this chip has a locked multiplier, making it a little tricky overclock a high numbers. First off, set your multiplier to it’s highest value, 13.5
  5. Next, DISABLE AMD’s Core Performance Boost. This feature, when over clocked to about 3.5Ghz and above, prevents all your cores from running at your highest clock speed (it can be of benefit, though if you are unsuccessful in overclocking at high numbers).
  6. Set your FSB (front side bus) to 282 (or whichever number just get’s you over that 2.8Ghz clock).
  7. Because we are forced to increase our FSB due to the locked clock speed, we have to adjust our Northbridge Frequency and HT Link frequency to x7. Ideally, some say you want this number around 2,400Mhz, however, I ran into stability issues here. You should set yours to be under or close to 2,000Mhz. for both.
  8. Your memory clock is also too high after raising the FSB. Memory clock can vary on your system but keep this value under what your RAM’s speed is supposed to be. In my case, I’m using dual channel ram at 1,333Mhz, so I lowered by memory clock to x4.00 to bring it under 1,333Mhz.
  9. The CPU needs more juice to run, so bring your CPU Voltage up to around 1.45 volts. Because we increased the FSB, you might also want to bump up your Northbridge Volt Control to around +.2 or so. Leave all other settings to default/auto-manage your power consumption.
  10. You may have to adjust your RAM timings. In my setup, I had to bring mine from 9-9-9-24 to 6-6-6-15 to run. This is debatable but what my BIOS recommended, and leaving them at normal values caused my system to blue screen.

If you’ve done all this correctly, your AMD 1045t should now be overclocked at 3.8Ghz (or possibly higher)! I hope this guide helps anyone on the web down the road and if you have questions drop a comment below!

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