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Prometheus Explained and Review

prometheus on blu rayPrometheus is now available on Blu Ray. I recently purchased Prometheus ahead of it’s release date via HD Digital Download (including deleted scenes) on Xbox 360.  Here is the down low on Prometheus. Released in May of this year, Prometheus is a sci fi epic based in universe of the Alien movies. There is alot of speculation/confusion about what Prometheus is about. I want to clear some things up for those who don’t understand the movie, or for new comers that are interested in watching the movie.

What is Prometheus? Prometheus is part of the Aliens Universe

In 1979, director Ridley Scott introduced the world to Alien. Alien is a classic sci fi thriller movie starring Sigourney Weaver. The movies are about the title of the movie; Alien creatures. The aliens are these insane, disgusting creatures that basically reproduce by using human beings to spawn their children. Throughout the franchise, more is learned about the Alien’s and what their purposes were (although the original film didn’t go as in depth, it only introduced us to the world of Aliens).

Alien was basically meant to be a one-time movie. But due to it’s enormous popularity (and Sigourney Weaver receiving a nice hunk of cash), the movie had a number of sequels (which I own on blu ray). The four original Alien movies go in the following order (the Alien Anthology):

  1. Alien
  2. Aliens
  3. Alien 3
  4. Alien Resurrection

The original two films, Alien by Ridley Scott and Aliens (or Alien 2) directed by James Cameron, are inarguably the best of the franchise. From Alien 3 and onward the movies somewhat went downhill (although I couldn’t say why without containing spoilers). After the forth installment, we seen Alien vs. Predator which swayed far away from the roots of the original movies.

Prometheus was a turn back into the roots of the Alien films. The original director Ridley Scott came back to make a new sci fi epic. And this time, Prometheus (unlike the original Alien movie) was a big budget, modern CGI movie with alot of money behind it (unlike the original, where Sigourney Weaver was only paid $200,000 to do the first film in the 70’s).

What does Prometheus have to do with Aliens?

Prometheus takes place in the Alien’s universe before the events of Alien, the original 1979 film. Although it takes place before the original film, Prometheus is NOT a “prequel” to the first movie. In a nutshell, Prometheus is in a way the “first contact” of another species between Humans and Aliens.

Do you have to watch the Alien movies to understand Prometheus?

In my opinion, you do NOT have to watch any of the Alien movies to understand Prometheus. Would it help you understand it better? Somewhat. Would the movie be any more interesting? Somewhat. I believe the original four Alien movies are definitely worth a watch, and they are well worth owning on blu ray in the Alien Anthology box set. But Prometheus is a movie of it’s own. It’s explained in a way where it is it’s own movie. It has virtually nothing to do (so far) with anyone in the Alien movies.

Prometheus Reviewed


Prometheus ExplainedNow that details are out of the way, here is my review of Prometheus. Prometheus is science fiction/space flick about finding the secrets of life on Earth. The movies main protagonist is Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, portrayed by Noomi Rapace. Her leading-lady roll is similar to that of Sigourney Weaver in the original Alien franchise. Her role in the movie is she places a researcher who found a star chart on Earth. This star chart they receive as an “invitation” to visit a distant moon that could hold the secrets to where humanity came from as well as contact with an Alien species.

A corporation develops the spacecraft “Prometheus” to take Dr. Shaw and a small team to this distant moon to investigate. Much like the original Alien film, space travel takes time, and the crew is put into “stasis” or a deep sleep during long space travel. While in stasis, the ship is run by an android named “David”, who perfectly resembles a human being but is an Android on the inside.


When the crew arrives at their destination, the moon LV-223, things start to go drastically wrong and from there on in, the movie is an action packed sci fi horror movie topping the quality of the original Alien films. You will just have to watch it yourself to learn the rest. Prometheus is a great sci fi thriller, from beginning to end. Visually, this is the best looking movie I have seen in the past decade. The environments, sets, visuals, sounds, aesthetically this movie is  110% flawless. On my HD digital copy, the picture and sound quality were absolutely stunning.

PrometheusBut what’s a good movie without a good story and actors? The storyline is where this movie is topsy turvy. Personally, I found the storyline incredibly interesting and entertaining. Most of the hate that comes from this movie is because of people that don’t understand the story. But what’s wrong with a good story? Absolutely nothing.  This isn’t a kids movie. This isn’t transformers. This is a sci fi mystery film, and if you don’t like mystery, maybe you shouldn’t watch it because you do have to think to understand it. But once you get it, this storyline is excellent.


Acting wise, the acting is superb. We have a fun crew with a mixed group of people. Noomi Rapace did a flawless job filling the shoes of Sigourney Weaver in the classic films (and I’m glad they are keeping a female lead for this film, it works well). Also, like the original, we have a creepy but likable Android portrayed by Michael Fassbender who did an awesome job with the role.

Overall, Prometheus is an amazing sci fi thriller. Most of the internet hate I see for it comes from the “old school” fans that didn’t like the story/direction of the movie. To each their own, but I loved this movie and highly recommend it to anyone whether you are a science fiction fan or  not. Is it worth it for blu ray? Well although I don’t own the blu ray version I would say it’s worth picking up, I’m sure the quality is of that to the HD digital download I own. Also, I got the deleted scenes with mine. If you are interested in that, all of those goods are on the blu ray copy.  If you have Xbox 360 (or another digital service) I would recommend the digital download because it’s cheaper than the blu ray at $25 bucks. If you haven’t seen it yet maybe you should go rental/digital unless your confident you would like adding this to your colleciton.



MySpace Comeback Imminent? Will MySpace Overtake Facebook?

New MySpace Screenshot
New MySpace Screenshot

MySpace just announced plans to make an enormous comeback. The infamous pop singer/actor/businessman Justin Timberlake bought out most of the stock for MySpace, making him co-owner, and he now has huge plans for the social networking website. MySpace launched in the early 2000’s and grew instantly huge. Back then, the site had it’s own Mark Zuckerberg style leader, the infamous Tom Anderson. Tom Anderson was at the heart of MySpace. Everyone that created an account was by deault, Tom’s friend on the website.

MySpace was huge. It was fun, it had customizable profiles, and it was a huge stepping stone for the history of Social Networking. Well one thing led to another. Facebook grew enormously popular and MySpace was a mear shadow of it’s former self. Fox bought MySpace and the value of the company dropped tenfold. The friendly face of Tom Anderson left the company and no longer had any influence in the image of the website. The site was slow, ugly, and buggy compared to the fresh and clean Facebook  and soon the all mighty MySpace fell under. Myspace then aimed for a while, to be a site for musicians and music fans. But that still didn’t work either.


Now Timberlake along with new MySpace CEO Tim Vanderhook is taking things over. They are cleaning the slate, virtually wiping clean everything it has done in the past. MySpace, through this short promotional video, aims to completely change MySpace. Throughout this video, they demonstrated a new, very intuitive looking social networking website. The site features sliding panels, nice pictures/timeline, a clean profile, intuitive looking search features, and many features that look like they are going to give Facebook a run for their money. And I have to say, personally I am quite impressed and excited about it!

Right now, MySpace is on an invite-only access level, for those interested they can submit their email address here (I’ve already requested an invite and I happen to be good at getting into things like it, if I get in and am able to I will invite others as well, just contact me with your email address):



Whether you care for it or not, this is a great news in the world wide web. Why? Facebook is getting too dominant. There is no variety in the social networking world anymore. Everywhere I go, I see things like “login with facebook”, “like this on facebook”, and “share this on facebook”. Does everything on the internet today have to revolve around Facebook? I think not. And one of the main reasons everyone is on Facebook is because everyone uses it. If you go on these other sites and try to find people, chances are they won’t be there. But with enough public interest and spread of word of mouth, I think it’s possible for MySpace to leave Facebook trembling.

One thing I wasn’t crazy about, the “sign in with Facebook” button at the intro. REALLY? I want this site to be something new and unique, having a lame login button for Facebook just seemed strange, although it seemed to have a tool to important pics/contacts, so I’m not gonna jump the gun yet on that. How do you feel about this news? Share your thoughts and opinions below!


Is AMD Going Under? Why AMD Will Never Fade Out of the CPU Scene

AMD LogoProbably on a daily basis, I keep up with the latest CPU’s on the market. And often I hear of comparisons between AMD and Intel. So what’s the deal? Well I wanted to right a quick blog about this. I own a an AMD 1045t processor that I wrote a tutorial for overclocking on.  Before this I had a AMD X4 9500 CPU. Before that, and AMD Sempron 140 and lastly, I had an AMD 64×2 processor in my Gateway laptop. I’m a fan of AMD. But no, I’m not just an AMD person. My broken Toshiba Qosmio houses an Intel i7 CPU. Needless to say, the thing was littered with problems that not even the manufactuer could fix.

Is AMD really going under? Or do people just second guess them next to Intel? Let’s get one thing straight. Look on the internet, look up the press conferences and news for AMD. They never officially announced that they are dropping out of the CPU game. They are simply expanding into other markets. Furthermore, I do believe that they will catch up to Intel. Why? Because it happened before, around the early 2000’s. And Intel lately has been poking around into other territories. If the Windows 8 computer flops, Intel could be hurt from it giving a AMD a chance to overtake them in the CPU race.

 Comparing the best from both worlds

Alot of people make comparions of Intel and AMD. Any true PC enthusiast wil look at both options. AMD has always been the CPU manufacturer of overclocking. Although they won’t publically support it (and they claim it voids your warranty), they give you all the tools and power to overclock their toys. Currently AMD’s flagship CPU is the AMD FX-8150, launched stock at 3.6Ghz with 32nm Zambezi 125w architecture, 8mb L2 cache and 8mb L3 cache. Overclocked, an AMD Bulldozer FX CPU broke the world record for the fastest CPU at 8.46Ghz. Intel has never come close to that in the overclocking department.

Intels flagship CPU is theIntel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Sandy Bridg 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 2011 130W six core desktop with 15MB of L2 cache and 6x256kb of L3 cache. So what’s the difference between the two? Well to be honest, there isn’t much of a difference.


Unlike the “cheaper” models of Intel (which are priced at $300+), this is a true six core Intel desktop computer. And the i7 extreme is priced just over $1,000.00, vs the AMD FX which is priced at a very reasonable $190.00.  So what is the real selling point here? Why would anyone in their right mind want to spend over $1,000 just on the CPU? The Intel i7 is the latest and great of CPU design. No other CPU on the market has 15MB of L2 cache (at least, none that I have scene).  Overclocked, I’ve heard of normal overclocks (not “world record breaking”, that is impractical in every day use) reaching close to 5Ghz, where as the FX series I personally haven’t heard of many that have gotten the CPU past a successful 4.5Ghz.

Bottom line, the Intel chips are more stable at this point in time. Even though AMD f anboys are into overclocking, AMD’s current line up really isn’t as stable as Intel, and I can say that from personal experience. But are they really that better? Both manufactuer great CPUs. In the end, it is the one that is more experienced that is going to get the most out of their computer. An expert overclocker and technician could easily make a budget level AMD computer smoke a $1,000 Intel system.

AMD Is for the money concious buyers

It doesn’t matter if you’re l0aded with cash or you’re on a tight budget. At one point, you are burning your hole in your pocket when you spend $1,000.00 on a CPU. That being said, I honestly don’t feel AMD will ever totally drop out of the CPU race. Money concious, tech savey shoppers will always look into buying an affordable AMD system.  Will they catch up to Intel? It’s definitely very plausible for the reasons I stated earlier. Intel is always expanding and they rely on outside markets. Besides the Windows 8 tablet PC, Intel has a strong foothold in the Apple market, with every Macbook and Mac Desktop currently rigged with an Intel chip.

But  what if Apple flops? We’ve seen it before. Apple was virtually non-existant in the 1990’s, it wasn’t until the 200’s with the iPod, iPhone, and iPads did we see them truely strive again. And with that, Mac’s aren’t that great hardware wise. At one point, the rest of the world might get tired of spending thousands on overpriced Mac computers. I’m a futurist, and I always see the potential for one company to fall and another to rise again. WIth Intel relying on these grounds, it’s very easy for them to fall under, where AMD has always kep true to what it does best without relying on outside influences.


In the end, it is the users choice. Right now, money wise I think the AMD is the better bank for the buck. But a close competitor I’ve always eyed up is the Intel i5 processor. For around $200, you can get a great quad core CPU that can easily be overclocked and is very temperature friendly compared to the power consuming AMD FX processors. But the point of this article, I just wanted to shed my light on the competition. I think it’s easy to second guess AMD when the truth is, Intel relies on a wobbly market to make most of it’s profits that are probably funding their advanced CPU designs.



Is the new iPhone 5 worth it?

The New iPhone 5
iPhone 5 – Is it Worth It?

Well the new iPhone 5 finally released. But is it really worth it? Over the years I’ve been one to blow off every Apple product that hit the market. And I pretty much felt the same about the iPhone 5. But I’m not all an Apple hater. My last college gave me an iPad 2 and Macbook Pro last year. To be honest, I don’t “love” either of them, like some people do. The Macbook is a nice, portable laptop that I actually prefer over a Windows laptop. But I like my overclocked, powerhouse of a desktop at home more than some skimpy Mac computer.

The iPad? I just don’t like  it. It’s big, it’s clunky, I can’t really get used to it, I prefer a phone or computer, not something in between! But this post isn’t about my love/hate for Apple, it’s something as to telling the average phone user if the iPhone 5 is worth it. Personally, I own the HTC One X at AT&T, and honestly it is the best phone I have ever held in my hands that seemed to blow away all the competition. But let’s face it, the HTC isn’t for everyone. It’s big and clunky for a phone and it’s pretty much mandatory to get an annoying case cover for it because it slips out of your hands easy. So let’s take a look at the iPhone 5 and see if it’s worth the price of admission!

iPhone 5 Features

  • Headphone jack has been moved to the bottom
  • Screen size is bigger this time around
  • The overall design of the phone is more modern, not the sleek, easy to drop phone that the iPhone used to be
  • The iPhone is lighter than it’s former phones and the competition out there
  • Features a new panoramic camera feature that works incredibly well based off demonstrations of it


For the Newcomers

If you are a person that has never bought an iPhone before, this may be your ticket of entry. The iPhone 5 is said to be the best iPhone yet for the reasons above. There is alot of competition out there, though. Besides the HTC One X, we have a dedicated Droid Market as well as a handful of other great phones out there. But let’s look at something. What is the core feature of a phone? To be a phone! Yes, they play music, games, and hell, maybe in the future they will even check your damn urine for health problems down the road. But the main, most important feature of a phone is the phone itself, and it’s important for emergencies to have one.

So how does the iPhone 5 fair in call quality? In the past and from personal experience, I can say that the past iPhones have been terrible for call quality. But the iPhone 5 however, has made drastic improvements in hardware and there are several reports on Google News I read today that people are very happy with the call quality. So that’s great, but what else is there?


Well if you’ve never jumped on the Apple bandwagon and you’re not interest in joining Google’s empire on the Droid OS market (or Windows Phone which are flopping in sales), I say the iPhone 5 for a newcomer is totally worth it.


For Current iPhone Owners

Are you a current iPhone user questioning whether to upgrade to the new iPhone? That depends. With the iPhone 5 (and most Apple updates), you are paying for HARDWARE upgrades. This is still the same old iPhone as before. The touchscreen interface is still the same despite being bigger. The OS is practically still the same. If you feel you are getting board of the typical Apple routine, I recommend avoiding purchasing the iPhone 5. There is plenty of variety out there and sometimes it’s refreshing to get a new phone that has a completely different experience to it!

Also, how old is your iPhone? Do you own the iPhone 4? Or even the iPhone 3? Well whether you are a fan boy or not, remember this. Apple is a BUSINESS. They want your money and they don’t really care about giving you the best thing for your hard earned money. The iPhone 5, despite it’s improvements, is not worth paying another couple hundred dollars for in my opinion. And that is not being biased against Apple, either. If I felt this phone was worth spending money for I would recommend it for current iPhone users. But unless you have an ancient iPhone or another brand of phone, this thing just isn’t worth it.


Overall, look around out there. There are hundreds of phones out there. Literally every month, if not every week, a newer, better phone is coming out from the competition. iPhone 5 just has a huge marketing campaign with an over-obsessed fan base behind it. And in the end, if you are questioning getting it but still want it, wait a few months. This this will probably be half price.


How I Feel About the iPhone 5


AMD 1045t Overclock Guide

Earlier this year, I built my first custom comp and over the summer, I’ve been buying things and upgrade it here and then to get the most potential out of my system. My computer has an AMD 1045t six-core CPU. I’m a huge fan and supporter of AMD even though they’re said not to have the performance of the latest Intel chips. Beyond that, when you overclock and buy the right hardware, you can push your system to the max without having to drop $300+ on something similar in the Intel department.


CPU-Z clocked at @3.8Ghz

It was a tough feat, but I got this processor to run stable in Prime 95 for an hour as well as gamed on it in Borderlands 2 for four hours straight with absolutely no problems (and yes, there was noticeable improvement in performance/framerate). I may or may not push the CPU to the max some more, but at 4Ghz, I had some stability issues (and I have a Gigabyte motherboard which was difficult t0 overclock correctly on).

Anyway, here’s a quick guide to get any readers here that have a 1045t chip to an awesome 3.8Ghz. I’m assuming you know the basics already about where to start and you are just looking for the settings/numbers, so here you go!


Guide to Overclock the AMD 1045t CPU

  1. It’s basic, but ensure you have a powerful enough power supply to overclock this CPU, I am running a Thermaltake 600w power supply that is powering everything from 120mm fans to my graphics card. I recommend at least 600w to anyone for no power-related problems down the road.
  2. Upgrade your heat sink, the stock 1045t heat sink that is bundled with the CPU is horrible. I bought a Coolermaster 212 EVO. It keeps my temperatures on max load under 70c.
  3. Go into your BIOS. Make sure that your CPU is set to UNLOCKED and AMD Cool n Quiet technology is DISABLED.
  4. Unfortunately this chip has a locked multiplier, making it a little tricky overclock a high numbers. First off, set your multiplier to it’s highest value, 13.5
  5. Next, DISABLE AMD’s Core Performance Boost. This feature, when over clocked to about 3.5Ghz and above, prevents all your cores from running at your highest clock speed (it can be of benefit, though if you are unsuccessful in overclocking at high numbers).
  6. Set your FSB (front side bus) to 282 (or whichever number just get’s you over that 2.8Ghz clock).
  7. Because we are forced to increase our FSB due to the locked clock speed, we have to adjust our Northbridge Frequency and HT Link frequency to x7. Ideally, some say you want this number around 2,400Mhz, however, I ran into stability issues here. You should set yours to be under or close to 2,000Mhz. for both.
  8. Your memory clock is also too high after raising the FSB. Memory clock can vary on your system but keep this value under what your RAM’s speed is supposed to be. In my case, I’m using dual channel ram at 1,333Mhz, so I lowered by memory clock to x4.00 to bring it under 1,333Mhz.
  9. The CPU needs more juice to run, so bring your CPU Voltage up to around 1.45 volts. Because we increased the FSB, you might also want to bump up your Northbridge Volt Control to around +.2 or so. Leave all other settings to default/auto-manage your power consumption.
  10. You may have to adjust your RAM timings. In my setup, I had to bring mine from 9-9-9-24 to 6-6-6-15 to run. This is debatable but what my BIOS recommended, and leaving them at normal values caused my system to blue screen.

If you’ve done all this correctly, your AMD 1045t should now be overclocked at 3.8Ghz (or possibly higher)! I hope this guide helps anyone on the web down the road and if you have questions drop a comment below!


GoDaddy – Did It Really Crash From an Internal Error?

On Monday, millions of voiced suddenly cried, and then were suddenly silenced.. or more so their website’s were silenced. It you’ve been living under a rock this week, GoDaddy, the internet giant that host over five million websites, crashed on Monday for approximately 14 hours. A group of “anonymous” hackers on Twitter took credit for the attacks.

Yesterday, GoDaddy’s president posted this blog post which cleared up the situation. He said the site was no tattacked, no confidential information was lost, and the error was due to an internal error. But was it really?


Yes. I will pay everyone reading this blog $50 over Pay Pal for when GoDaddy’s service ever gets hacked in a way where five million websites goes down. It’s just not possible. A single website? Yes, it’s doable. An entire shared server? Tough, but also still hackable by some means. Their entire network infrastructure? Sorry, you would have to nuke the place to do that, and that is my professional opinion being in the computer industry myself. To the “anonymous” group of hackers that claimed credit for the attacks, you guys are attention seeking moron’s that should still get in some kind of trouble for being so stupid. I recommend everyone avoid their Twitter accounts and websites to avoid giving them anymore fake attention then they already have. Now let’s put this GoDaddy business to rest?

GoDaddy is and probably always will be the best internet hosting company out there. Competitive prices, nice deals, and the works. This is the first time in four years I’ve ever seen them have any down time, I think I can let it slide this time. And I still recommend them to anyone for web hosting because they are a great company.