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Is AMD Going Under? Not Really ~ Edward Blog
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Is AMD Going Under? Why AMD Will Never Fade Out of the CPU Scene

AMD LogoProbably on a daily basis, I keep up with the latest CPU’s on the market. And often I hear of comparisons between AMD and Intel. So what’s the deal? Well I wanted to right a quick blog about this. I own a an AMD 1045t processor that I wrote a tutorial for overclocking on.  Before this I had a AMD X4 9500 CPU. Before that, and AMD Sempron 140 and lastly, I had an AMD 64×2 processor in my Gateway laptop. I’m a fan of AMD. But no, I’m not just an AMD person. My broken Toshiba Qosmio houses an Intel i7 CPU. Needless to say, the thing was littered with problems that not even the manufactuer could fix.

Is AMD really going under? Or do people just second guess them next to Intel? Let’s get one thing straight. Look on the internet, look up the press conferences and news for AMD. They never officially announced that they are dropping out of the CPU game. They are simply expanding into other markets. Furthermore, I do believe that they will catch up to Intel. Why? Because it happened before, around the early 2000’s. And Intel lately has been poking around into other territories. If the Windows 8 computer flops, Intel could be hurt from it giving a AMD a chance to overtake them in the CPU race.

 Comparing the best from both worlds

Alot of people make comparions of Intel and AMD. Any true PC enthusiast wil look at both options. AMD has always been the CPU manufacturer of overclocking. Although they won’t publically support it (and they claim it voids your warranty), they give you all the tools and power to overclock their toys. Currently AMD’s flagship CPU is the AMD FX-8150, launched stock at 3.6Ghz with 32nm Zambezi 125w architecture, 8mb L2 cache and 8mb L3 cache. Overclocked, an AMD Bulldozer FX CPU broke the world record for the fastest CPU at 8.46Ghz. Intel has never come close to that in the overclocking department.

Intels flagship CPU is theIntel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Sandy Bridg 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 2011 130W six core desktop with 15MB of L2 cache and 6x256kb of L3 cache. So what’s the difference between the two? Well to be honest, there isn’t much of a difference.


Unlike the “cheaper” models of Intel (which are priced at $300+), this is a true six core Intel desktop computer. And the i7 extreme is priced just over $1,000.00, vs the AMD FX which is priced at a very reasonable $190.00.  So what is the real selling point here? Why would anyone in their right mind want to spend over $1,000 just on the CPU? The Intel i7 is the latest and great of CPU design. No other CPU on the market has 15MB of L2 cache (at least, none that I have scene).  Overclocked, I’ve heard of normal overclocks (not “world record breaking”, that is impractical in every day use) reaching close to 5Ghz, where as the FX series I personally haven’t heard of many that have gotten the CPU past a successful 4.5Ghz.

Bottom line, the Intel chips are more stable at this point in time. Even though AMD f anboys are into overclocking, AMD’s current line up really isn’t as stable as Intel, and I can say that from personal experience. But are they really that better? Both manufactuer great CPUs. In the end, it is the one that is more experienced that is going to get the most out of their computer. An expert overclocker and technician could easily make a budget level AMD computer smoke a $1,000 Intel system.

AMD Is for the money concious buyers

It doesn’t matter if you’re l0aded with cash or you’re on a tight budget. At one point, you are burning your hole in your pocket when you spend $1,000.00 on a CPU. That being said, I honestly don’t feel AMD will ever totally drop out of the CPU race. Money concious, tech savey shoppers will always look into buying an affordable AMD system.  Will they catch up to Intel? It’s definitely very plausible for the reasons I stated earlier. Intel is always expanding and they rely on outside markets. Besides the Windows 8 tablet PC, Intel has a strong foothold in the Apple market, with every Macbook and Mac Desktop currently rigged with an Intel chip.

But  what if Apple flops? We’ve seen it before. Apple was virtually non-existant in the 1990’s, it wasn’t until the 200’s with the iPod, iPhone, and iPads did we see them truely strive again. And with that, Mac’s aren’t that great hardware wise. At one point, the rest of the world might get tired of spending thousands on overpriced Mac computers. I’m a futurist, and I always see the potential for one company to fall and another to rise again. WIth Intel relying on these grounds, it’s very easy for them to fall under, where AMD has always kep true to what it does best without relying on outside influences.


In the end, it is the users choice. Right now, money wise I think the AMD is the better bank for the buck. But a close competitor I’ve always eyed up is the Intel i5 processor. For around $200, you can get a great quad core CPU that can easily be overclocked and is very temperature friendly compared to the power consuming AMD FX processors. But the point of this article, I just wanted to shed my light on the competition. I think it’s easy to second guess AMD when the truth is, Intel relies on a wobbly market to make most of it’s profits that are probably funding their advanced CPU designs.


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