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Is the New iPhone 5 Worth It? ~ Edwards Blog
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Is the new iPhone 5 worth it?

The New iPhone 5
iPhone 5 – Is it Worth It?

Well the new iPhone 5 finally released. But is it really worth it? Over the years I’ve been one to blow off every Apple product that hit the market. And I pretty much felt the same about the iPhone 5. But I’m not all an Apple hater. My last college gave me an iPad 2 and Macbook Pro last year. To be honest, I don’t “love” either of them, like some people do. The Macbook is a nice, portable laptop that I actually prefer over a Windows laptop. But I like my overclocked, powerhouse of a desktop at home more than some skimpy Mac computer.

The iPad? I just don’t like  it. It’s big, it’s clunky, I can’t really get used to it, I prefer a phone or computer, not something in between! But this post isn’t about my love/hate for Apple, it’s something as to telling the average phone user if the iPhone 5 is worth it. Personally, I own the HTC One X at AT&T, and honestly it is the best phone I have ever held in my hands that seemed to blow away all the competition. But let’s face it, the HTC isn’t for everyone. It’s big and clunky for a phone and it’s pretty much mandatory to get an annoying case cover for it because it slips out of your hands easy. So let’s take a look at the iPhone 5 and see if it’s worth the price of admission!

iPhone 5 Features

  • Headphone jack has been moved to the bottom
  • Screen size is bigger this time around
  • The overall design of the phone is more modern, not the sleek, easy to drop phone that the iPhone used to be
  • The iPhone is lighter than it’s former phones and the competition out there
  • Features a new panoramic camera feature that works incredibly well based off demonstrations of it


For the Newcomers

If you are a person that has never bought an iPhone before, this may be your ticket of entry. The iPhone 5 is said to be the best iPhone yet for the reasons above. There is alot of competition out there, though. Besides the HTC One X, we have a dedicated Droid Market as well as a handful of other great phones out there. But let’s look at something. What is the core feature of a phone? To be a phone! Yes, they play music, games, and hell, maybe in the future they will even check your damn urine for health problems down the road. But the main, most important feature of a phone is the phone itself, and it’s important for emergencies to have one.

So how does the iPhone 5 fair in call quality? In the past and from personal experience, I can say that the past iPhones have been terrible for call quality. But the iPhone 5 however, has made drastic improvements in hardware and there are several reports on Google News I read today that people are very happy with the call quality. So that’s great, but what else is there?


Well if you’ve never jumped on the Apple bandwagon and you’re not interest in joining Google’s empire on the Droid OS market (or Windows Phone which are flopping in sales), I say the iPhone 5 for a newcomer is totally worth it.


For Current iPhone Owners

Are you a current iPhone user questioning whether to upgrade to the new iPhone? That depends. With the iPhone 5 (and most Apple updates), you are paying for HARDWARE upgrades. This is still the same old iPhone as before. The touchscreen interface is still the same despite being bigger. The OS is practically still the same. If you feel you are getting board of the typical Apple routine, I recommend avoiding purchasing the iPhone 5. There is plenty of variety out there and sometimes it’s refreshing to get a new phone that has a completely different experience to it!

Also, how old is your iPhone? Do you own the iPhone 4? Or even the iPhone 3? Well whether you are a fan boy or not, remember this. Apple is a BUSINESS. They want your money and they don’t really care about giving you the best thing for your hard earned money. The iPhone 5, despite it’s improvements, is not worth paying another couple hundred dollars for in my opinion. And that is not being biased against Apple, either. If I felt this phone was worth spending money for I would recommend it for current iPhone users. But unless you have an ancient iPhone or another brand of phone, this thing just isn’t worth it.


Overall, look around out there. There are hundreds of phones out there. Literally every month, if not every week, a newer, better phone is coming out from the competition. iPhone 5 just has a huge marketing campaign with an over-obsessed fan base behind it. And in the end, if you are questioning getting it but still want it, wait a few months. This this will probably be half price.

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