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Prometheus Explained and Revewed on HD/Blu Ray - Edwards Blog
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Prometheus Explained and Review

prometheus on blu rayPrometheus is now available on Blu Ray. I recently purchased Prometheus ahead of it’s release date via HD Digital Download (including deleted scenes) on Xbox 360.  Here is the down low on Prometheus. Released in May of this year, Prometheus is a sci fi epic based in universe of the Alien movies. There is alot of speculation/confusion about what Prometheus is about. I want to clear some things up for those who don’t understand the movie, or for new comers that are interested in watching the movie.

What is Prometheus? Prometheus is part of the Aliens Universe

In 1979, director Ridley Scott introduced the world to Alien. Alien is a classic sci fi thriller movie starring Sigourney Weaver. The movies are about the title of the movie; Alien creatures. The aliens are these insane, disgusting creatures that basically reproduce by using human beings to spawn their children. Throughout the franchise, more is learned about the Alien’s and what their purposes were (although the original film didn’t go as in depth, it only introduced us to the world of Aliens).

Alien was basically meant to be a one-time movie. But due to it’s enormous popularity (and Sigourney Weaver receiving a nice hunk of cash), the movie had a number of sequels (which I own on blu ray). The four original Alien movies go in the following order (the Alien Anthology):

  1. Alien
  2. Aliens
  3. Alien 3
  4. Alien Resurrection

The original two films, Alien by Ridley Scott and Aliens (or Alien 2) directed by James Cameron, are inarguably the best of the franchise. From Alien 3 and onward the movies somewhat went downhill (although I couldn’t say why without containing spoilers). After the forth installment, we seen Alien vs. Predator which swayed far away from the roots of the original movies.

Prometheus was a turn back into the roots of the Alien films. The original director Ridley Scott came back to make a new sci fi epic. And this time, Prometheus (unlike the original Alien movie) was a big budget, modern CGI movie with alot of money behind it (unlike the original, where Sigourney Weaver was only paid $200,000 to do the first film in the 70’s).

What does Prometheus have to do with Aliens?

Prometheus takes place in the Alien’s universe before the events of Alien, the original 1979 film. Although it takes place before the original film, Prometheus is NOT a “prequel” to the first movie. In a nutshell, Prometheus is in a way the “first contact” of another species between Humans and Aliens.

Do you have to watch the Alien movies to understand Prometheus?

In my opinion, you do NOT have to watch any of the Alien movies to understand Prometheus. Would it help you understand it better? Somewhat. Would the movie be any more interesting? Somewhat. I believe the original four Alien movies are definitely worth a watch, and they are well worth owning on blu ray in the Alien Anthology box set. But Prometheus is a movie of it’s own. It’s explained in a way where it is it’s own movie. It has virtually nothing to do (so far) with anyone in the Alien movies.

Prometheus Reviewed


Prometheus ExplainedNow that details are out of the way, here is my review of Prometheus. Prometheus is science fiction/space flick about finding the secrets of life on Earth. The movies main protagonist is Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, portrayed by Noomi Rapace. Her leading-lady roll is similar to that of Sigourney Weaver in the original Alien franchise. Her role in the movie is she places a researcher who found a star chart on Earth. This star chart they receive as an “invitation” to visit a distant moon that could hold the secrets to where humanity came from as well as contact with an Alien species.

A corporation develops the spacecraft “Prometheus” to take Dr. Shaw and a small team to this distant moon to investigate. Much like the original Alien film, space travel takes time, and the crew is put into “stasis” or a deep sleep during long space travel. While in stasis, the ship is run by an android named “David”, who perfectly resembles a human being but is an Android on the inside.


When the crew arrives at their destination, the moon LV-223, things start to go drastically wrong and from there on in, the movie is an action packed sci fi horror movie topping the quality of the original Alien films. You will just have to watch it yourself to learn the rest. Prometheus is a great sci fi thriller, from beginning to end. Visually, this is the best looking movie I have seen in the past decade. The environments, sets, visuals, sounds, aesthetically this movie is  110% flawless. On my HD digital copy, the picture and sound quality were absolutely stunning.

PrometheusBut what’s a good movie without a good story and actors? The storyline is where this movie is topsy turvy. Personally, I found the storyline incredibly interesting and entertaining. Most of the hate that comes from this movie is because of people that don’t understand the story. But what’s wrong with a good story? Absolutely nothing.  This isn’t a kids movie. This isn’t transformers. This is a sci fi mystery film, and if you don’t like mystery, maybe you shouldn’t watch it because you do have to think to understand it. But once you get it, this storyline is excellent.


Acting wise, the acting is superb. We have a fun crew with a mixed group of people. Noomi Rapace did a flawless job filling the shoes of Sigourney Weaver in the classic films (and I’m glad they are keeping a female lead for this film, it works well). Also, like the original, we have a creepy but likable Android portrayed by Michael Fassbender who did an awesome job with the role.

Overall, Prometheus is an amazing sci fi thriller. Most of the internet hate I see for it comes from the “old school” fans that didn’t like the story/direction of the movie. To each their own, but I loved this movie and highly recommend it to anyone whether you are a science fiction fan or  not. Is it worth it for blu ray? Well although I don’t own the blu ray version I would say it’s worth picking up, I’m sure the quality is of that to the HD digital download I own. Also, I got the deleted scenes with mine. If you are interested in that, all of those goods are on the blu ray copy.  If you have Xbox 360 (or another digital service) I would recommend the digital download because it’s cheaper than the blu ray at $25 bucks. If you haven’t seen it yet maybe you should go rental/digital unless your confident you would like adding this to your colleciton.


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